Rome wasn’t built in a day

Hmmm . . . this going from eBook to the NY Times Bestseller list is going to be a little harder than I thought. After a week on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and CreateSpace, I’ve sold twenty-one copies of The Floating Man.

But I’m not worried; besides living in my own little fantasy world, I have my own marketing plan. It consists of two words.

Start Small! 

Well, I think I’m right on track in that regard.

And today, I expand my little universe and send an email to the members of a writer’s group that I belong to — all eighty members.

If you are a believer in multi-level marketing, I think you know what this means: if each of the members spreads the word to ten of their friends, were talking eight hundred people. And if they spread it to ten of their friends, that’s eight thousand more. And on and on.

In fact, if all goes well, within a month I should have reached over a billion people. And if only ten percent of them buy my book, that means sales of over one hundred million. Of which, I should rake in a little over $17, 536.00

Seems kinda small potatoes to me, but my accountant explained it.

And if this multi-level marketing thing doesn’t work out, there is still my friend Biff.          
I have to buy him a Kindle though.


About authorwilliamcrawford

A graduate of Northwestern, William Crawford began telling stories at the age of five to his cousins late at night while on family vacations in the Great North Woods. This quickly progressed—if you can call two decades quickly progressing— to political satire. In 1996 the author created a parody on the OJ Simpson saga; My Search for the Real Killer, not by OJ Simpson became a minor cult classic. The author’s real ambition was to become a novelist. Over the years he developed several storylines. Once he retired from his safety position in government he turned that ambition into reality. The result is the Floating Man, a mystery thriller that takes place in the past and present replete with psychosexual overtones and historical figures and events that are woven into a story of love, discovery, ambition, greed, death, and redemption.
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